I've been going to Dr. Sidi since 2004 and I'm very happy. He combines excellent dental work with an amazing sense of humor. I've had all kinds of dental work done, including a mouth guard, and everything has lasted and maintained a nice, white appearance. My favorite part is having him tell funny stories while he's working on my teeth - it really lights up my day. His staff is very friendly and personable. Tyler will remember your name and get you all the paperwork you need for your insurance right away.

Posted by Lisa K., San Francisco, CA (Yelp)

Patient Mark talks about Dr. Claude Sidi's San Francisco office and his relationship with Claude.

The artistry and staff of Dr. Claude Sidi.


I LOVE DR. SIDI AND HIS STAFF! I had a root canal done once and it was perfect! I didn't experience ANY pain and if I had to have another root canal, I really would want Dr. Sidi to do it again. I also love the crown that he put on it too, it feels great and he was SO particular about the color that he sent it back to the lab so that the color of the crown could match the rest of my teeth perfectly. I don't know any other dentist who is so attentive to detail so your teeth are looking and feeling great. I love the staff, they are SUPER friendly and love to have fun while on the job. All of the hygienists are amazing and clean my teeth well! I really love going to the dentist's office because of them. They also know how to manage their schedules really well and fit people in when cavities need to be filled/emergency work needs to be done. They make you feel so comfortable in the dental chair that you really don't feel what's going on in your mouth AND you can't miss the spectacular views that you can see from all of the examination rooms! Lastly, it's walking distance from BART, Powell station, which makes it such a convenient location.

Posted by Cristina D., Hayward, CA (Yelp)

He has been my dentist for 14 years, and I still trek over to SF from Berkeley because I refuse to give him up. He is an absolute perfectionist, and as a result he does flawless work. (I think he really sees himself as an artist as much as he does a dentist; he is an amateur Impressionist painter on the side.) Claude has done bonding on my teeth due to wearing and chipping (unfortunately, I was blessed with very soft enamel) and has redone my numerous crowns, replacing them with porcelain ones to match my other teeth. Claude has formed a great relationship with the lab people in his building, and he frequently calls them in to help him with the matching process. I have also seen the results of the more extensive cosmetic work you are talking about; he is really tops in his field. My sense is that his prices are within the reasonable range.

Angelica, Berkeley, CA (Berkeley Parents Network)

I started going to Dr Sidi in 1992 when I moved to the city. He is such a kind, fun and good man. He also keeps his staff for years and years which says something about how he must treat them. Staff is great, especially Tyler. We moved from the city to Half Moon Bay in 2000 and still drive up to see Claude for our dentistry needs. I give him my highest rating. Besides being his charming self, I'd also say he's the best dentist I've seen.

Yep C., Half Moon Bay, CA (Yelp)

I needed a new crown a few years ago but a dentist told me that gum surgery was required because I just didn't have enough room to ensure that a new crown would stay in place. Not having dental insurance, I opted for a second opinion and found Dr. Sidi. He examined me and said that he felt sure he had just enough room to do a secure crown, so no surgery needed. It's been over 3 years now and I can say that his crown is the best crown I've ever had - fits well, no pain, no gaps. He saved me from gum surgery and gave me the most comfortable and well placed crown ever. It's my opinion that in addition to scientific and technical ability, you have to have an artistic bent to truly be a great dentist as it requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and making imperceptible adjustments, sort of the way a sculptor will fine tune a piece of work minutely. Dr. Sidi paints seriously as a hobby and I think his artistic bent shows in his work. I am grateful to him and would recommend him highly.

Missy L., San Francisco, CA (Yelp)

Claude and his whole crew are the absolutely finest dental team in the Bay Area! I have been going to them for everything from cleanings and whitenings to fillings and crowns for nearly 20 years. Not only does Claude deliver the highest quality and (almost) pain-free dental services, I can always count on him for a good laugh and a classic retelling of his latest adventure.

Posted by Cynthia M., San Francisco, CA (Yelp)


I have "difficult" teeth, and Dr. Sidi did a great job. They look amazing. My boyfriend's jaw dropped when he saw how good my teeth looked (I went for cosmetic dentistry mostly, but he also does general dentistry). Also, he's a great guy and his staff is very friendly. I actually enjoyed going to the dentist for the first time. Highly recommended.

Posted by Ruth D., Lafayette, CA (Yelp)

Nice people. I can imagine them waking up in the morning saying "oh boy oh boy I get to clean people's teeth today!" Other place make you feel like being flossed by jack the ripper.

I found them from A) coupon for awesome deal 2) reviews here 3) they're on the block of my work, yay.

Bonus points

  • didn't try to bamboozle me into paying for bleaching.
  • didn't talk down to me about the eeeeevils of not flossing (I do it well and daily thanks).
  • no other scare tactics like giant rotten mouth photos glued to the ceiling when they tilt back the chair.
  • Pretty view and clean bright. office.
  • The deal for the cleaning sounded too good to be true. It was like expecting mcDonald's and getting dinner at grandma's.

Posted by Pat L., San Francisco, CA (Yelp)

Claude Sidi has been my dentist for over 20 years, and is both an affordable and expert cosmetic dentist. Although I do not have veneers, I have seen the results of his work with other patients, and it is both meticulous and natural-looking. Dr. Sidi has done bonding on the tops of a couple of my teeth, as I have problems with wearing; you would never know by looking at them. I still commute to SF to see him and would not think of going to anyone else. Dr. Sidi's offices are located in the 450 Sutter building--an easy ride on BART to the Powell Street station with a nice 10-minute walk. Also, you won't meet a warmer or more interesting fellow; he's just a lovely person and his staff is exceptional.

Posted by Sarah, Berkeley, CA (Berkeley Parents Network)


I found Dr. Sidi in an emergency situation. My face was swollen the size of a grapefruit and I was in a lot of pain. They got me in right away that morning. He gave me a script for the infection and explained that I would have to wait for the swelling to go down before he could do anything. The next day the swelling was worse and I was concerned. I called and got a prompt reply from him directly. He explained that it was common and not to worry it should be getting better the next day. The following day, he called me just to see how I was doing. Turns out, everything went exactly as he described. Once that situation was resolved he addressed my other dental issues. No judgement, and he didn't make me feel uncomfortable. He and his staff gave me a comprehensive plan of action that considered my dental insurance and my pocketbook. Unlike other dentists I've been to; I did NOT feel as though I were being viewed as a dollar bill. I went for fillings yesterday and once again was impressed with his quality of work and the professionalism of he and his staff. He gets in there and does a phenomenal job. No pain... no fluff. In the end, I cant tell the difference between fillings he gave me and my teeth. I will continue with him indefinitely. Other pluses: He's a cool guy with a good sense of humor and the view from the office is amazing.

Posted by Klief B., San Francisco, CA (Yelp)