Dr. Sidi's San Francisco office uses a sterilization protocol that exceeds the guidelines issued by the Center For Disease Control and the Occupational Safety and Health Agency. Some of the precautions we take are as follows:

  • Instrument sterilization performed under heat and pressure.
  • Dental hand-pieces are heat sterilized after each use.
  • Disposable items are used whenever possible.
  • Anesthetic cartridges and needles, air/water syringe tips, saliva suction tips, etc. are discarded after one use.
  • Plastic barriers are in use throughout the office.
  • Before and after each patient, the work surfaces, lights and equipment are disinfected with a bactericidal and viricidal agent.
  • New gloves are worn by staff for each patient.


Dr. Sidi's San Francisco staff has an ongoing process with an in-office review of sterilization procedures as well as continuing education courses updated to the latest standards. We are committed to employ all advancements as they becomes available to insure your health and well being.